I wrote this poem for my poetry class this semester. I like the idea of internal rhymes that build tension in a poem, I think Poe used them really well.
  I’ve always carried this feeling with me
  Like a dull beating drum or a constant
  Annoying hum, in the back of my mind
  Wherever I go.
  I tried to learn an instrument 
  But the guitar isn’t that eloquent  
  And the chords always deceived me. 
  So I tried my hand at a different brand 
  And watched old movies. 
  Trying desperately to educate myself 
  On everything it is to be human 
  But the answer remained a mystery. 
  Instead, I bought a camera. 
  I thought the study of other people 
  Could somehow enlighten me 
  On my own diaspora 
  But instead I felt indoctrinated, 
  Propagandized by my own mind 
  Clueless to the ways of myself 
  And everything I left... undefined. 
  Silly of me to think I could find
  Anything out about myself
  From the mind of someone else. 

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