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saoirshe o’neill

My name is Saoirshe O’Neill and I am a Creative Writing and English student in NUI, Galway. I made this blog to publish my writing online, rather than have it sit in my word doc folder forever. I will be posting my writing here regularly. I mainly write short stories and non-fiction. But I like to write poems too.

    This is a problem. One that many of us see, (clearly not all, but many), and one that some people are afraid to speak about, fearing they will be misunderstood or ridiculed. Nevertheless, this is a major problem. This article is in response to a recent Instagram IGTV video posted on the 22nd of November […]
  • Do Not Ask Questions
    I stood in line at reception. The clock read 10:55. I was on time. I felt a slight ache in my stomach and was reminded that I haven’t yet eaten today. My jacket was dripping but I couldn’t remember if it had been raining or not. It felt like I had just woken up right […]
  • Fuck the Patriarchy
    I was brought up in a rather unconventional household. My mother and father, both artists, met early in their twenties. Both of them had been in serious relationships before and had children. My father is from Glasgow, where both my half-brother and sister live. And my mother is from Mayo, where I was raised with […]
  • A Generation
    Hopeless youth ranting On small rectangle machines Drinking dark and sweet and musty Green tea,   And the old are fearful Of the new As they always Seem to be.   Watching old movies That make you feel Seventeen, Hoping you can Write, paint, sing, scream A new anti-society For people to read.   We […]
  • Lessons
    I wrote this poem for my poetry class this semester. I like the idea of internal rhymes that build tension in a poem, I think Poe used them really well. I’ve always carried this feeling with me  Like a dull beating drum or a constant  Annoying hum, in the back of my mind  Wherever I go. […]